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What is included: 1 Latern, Adorned with Snowflakes, Ornaments, LED Candles


After the sun begins setting and you turn on your Christmas lights, light up your tables, window ledges, and countertops with the Christmas Goodies Latern. This latern provides an elegant display of Christmas goodies that glow in the night.  

Christmas Goodies Latern

  • Ọkwa nwebisiinka:  Ihe okike a abụghị ngwaahịa nwere ikikere. Ọ bụ m n'onwe m mere ya ma kee ya.  Ihe okike a bụ maka ojiji nkeonwe, nke na-abụghị nke azụmahịa. A gaghị edegharị ya, ree ya, kesaa ya ma ọ bụ kesaa ya.

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